A couple of years ago my wife and I bought a Slide-on or truck camper in Australia .  The camper was an American made Palamino Bronco and it came fitted with a 3 way fridge a gas stove and a queen sized bed.  We also purchased a 2005 model Toyota Landcruiser Ute to carry our new home around Australia with. One of the highlights of the trip was spending time at Cable beach in Broome Western Australia and having most of the beach to ourselves.


Camper at Cable Beach Broome

Looks like a nice place to hang out. (Cable Beach)


The town of Broome is in Western Australia’s Kimberly Region and is home to around 15000 people in the off season and increases to 45000 in tourist season.  Broome is 2200 kms north of Perth and has a thriving tourism  and Pearling  industry.  Cable Beach Broome is 22.5 kms long and has stunning fine white sands and amazing blue water and vehicles are allowed to travel on the beach.


Gantheaume point Broome

At the south end of Cable Beach is Gantheaume point with fossilized dinasour footprints.


The view at Gantheaume point.

The view at gantheaume point


The southern end of Cable Beach Gantheaume point and  here you can see dinosaur footprints in the red sandstone that are estimated to be 130 million years old.  The foot prints can only be seen at low tide and I’d like to add that the tides here are 30 foot or 9 metres.


Tide goes out a long way. Broome has 9m (30 foot) tides

The tide goes out a long way. Broome has 9 metre (30 foot) tides.


We found a convenient beach access near the Broome Beach Resort and the sand at this section of the beach is hard enough for 2WD cars to drive on.  As you travel north from the beach access point this section is a famous  nudist beach and people have cars and 4WD’s parked all over the beach.  While continuing north the sand quickly becomes softer and only 4WD’s can continue from here ,this greatly reduces the crowds. We tried driving the entire 22.5 km length of the the beach but found that the further north you travel the softer the sand got.  I wasn’t keen to get bogged with an 800kg camper on the back so we stopped a couple of kms from the end . At this end of the beach you have the whole place to your self, or you might see one other vehicle per hour,it was amazing. We walked the last couple of kms for a bit of exercise.



Camel rides in the sunset at cable beach.

Camel rides in the sunset.at Cable beach.


Another famous attraction at cable beach are the sunset camel rides every day, It’s an impressive site while sitting back and having a cocktail. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Broome and cable Beach next time your in Western Australia.


Looking back towards broom.

Looking back towards Broome. Notice the lack of crowds.



sunset at cable beach

Sunset at Cable Beach.



sunset hand stand.